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fitness gear give away!

so i want to do a fitness gear giveaway! i’m not going to lie, i’ve been majorly slacking on getting back in shape. with school consuming so much of my time and work as well, i decided that this month i was going to hit up the gym again and honestly when i went back i realized how much i missed it! laziness will be the death of me!! anyways to kick off my “healthy” lifestyle once again, i want to do a fitness gear giveaway that way the winner will be able to hopefully get going as well! do you have any ideas what i should give away? i don’t want to give away something that requires sizes (shoes, sports bras, leggings, etc) cause we all come in different shapes and sizes. i’m thinking maybe a gift card? if you have any ideas or possibly where the gift card should come from, reblog this and reply back! (be sure to follow me on instagram, and this tumblr cause i will post more details on both sites!!)

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LOL, for the jokes.

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Infused water with orange, raspberry and mint.

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nature’s treadmills.

they say that nature has a treadmill and those are the paths that have been formed from when people decided to walk. there is something so amazing about being outside and hiking rather than being confined in a gym. the beauty that surrounds you and the fresh air you breathe in. starting your day off hiking outdoors is such a tremendously good feeling you can’t help but love it. the intensity of it all varies and there are many paths you can take in order to reach the very top of wherever you are hiking. so explore. i’ve recently gone hiking and i can’t help but want to go back and explore other ares of los angeles. the serenity of it all and the beauty of it all to look down at a city is amazing. it’s amazing to realize how small everything is compared to the vastness of the plains. so go out there, grab a friend or go alone, hiking nature’s treadmills is a thing you can do solo or with someone, and the feeling of accomplishment when you finally what feels like the top of the world is absolutely indescribable. 

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